Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sticky situation

When it comes to couples, it is often said that opposites attract. This is absolutely true for me and Will. I am emotional and tend to react quickly, Will is rational and stays calm. I like to get things done right away, Will tends to leave things to the last minute. And possibly our most accurate (and tension inducing) example is I am neat and Will is messy. However, we are finding the opposite to be true when it comes to feeding Nathan.

Nathan is a very good eater. By good, I mean he eats almost anything you put in front of him. However, when it comes to table manners, good is not the first word I think of. He notoriously examines each piece of food before eating it which usually involves smushing it, squeezing it, smelling it... all before it goes in his mouth. He also enjoys rubbing his eyes, ears and hair, being sure to get as many food particles as he can over every part of his body he can reach.

I find this funny and cute and think it's a part of life that we'll look back at fondly, laughing at the pictures we've taken of Nathan's messy face and hands.


Will however cringes throughout the entire meal and I can practically hear his heartbeat racing faster and faster the messier Nathan gets. He prefers spoon feeding him so Nathan can't get his hands on anything sticky, gooey, or messy.


My advice to Will would be to invest in baby wipe stock because we've got a lot of messy years ahead of us!


  1. You're both right BUT I AM WITH WILL!!!!

  2. I am with you karen! that is how they learn to feed themselves otherwise you will be feeding Nathan until he is old!