Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smile if you love your Mommy

I can remember as a child, anytime I got upset, my dad would look at me, smiling, and say "Smile if you love your Daddy". I would try so hard not to smile but the more he said it, the harder it got and I always ended up smiling, then laughing, then forgetting what I was upset about. I do this to Nathan now and it works like a charm.

One of the best parts of being a parent is getting to be silly. My days are full of funny faces, silly songs, embarrassing dances - anything that would make me look completely crazy were there not a baby in the room. But when Nathan gets upset, I am willing to do anything to make him smile or even better, laugh.

Will and I have always been silly together so we find it very easy to let our guard down and be silly with a baby. I hope we teach Nathan not to take himself too seriously and that laughter is usually the best medicine.

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  1. Keep being silly, he will remember that forever!! He is adorable!!
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    Angie @ http://inmysparetime2.blogspot.com and http://thesheltons4.blogspot.com