Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nathan's 1st celebrity sighting

One fun part of living in New York City is the occasional celebrity sighting. Will is much better at spotting them than me, he usually nudges me right after they walked by and says "Did you see who that was?" and usually, I didn't even notice. But I have seen a few.

We have seen Ted Danson and his wife, Mary Steenburgen shopping for fruit at Whole Foods. We've seen Claire Danes picking out a birthday card at CVS. One night we stood behind Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell from Modern Family) and Zachary Qunito (Sylar from Heroes) in line at Duane Reade. And just last weekend, we saw Amy Ryan, the actress who plays Michael Scott's girlfriend on The Office, pushing her own baby stroller down the street.

Nathan had his very first celebrity sighting tonight. I took him for a walk up 9th Avenue and we stopped outside the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. On the corner of 55th and 9th, one of the dance studios has floor to ceiling windows which allows anyone walking by to stop and watch the dancers. Usually, it's professional dancers and you basically have amazing, free entertainment.

Tonight, it appeared to be an open class, for anyone with an interest in dance. There were elderly women, so cute, dancing along to what appeared to be salsa. There were young girls, barely dressed at all, shaking what their mommas gave them. And then there were 2 girls in the very back row and one of them caught my eye. She looked so familiar but I couldn't place her, until she turned and looked out to the street and I saw that it was America Ferrera. And then the girl next to her started to look familiar. She was tall and thin and wore glasses. The glasses threw me off but after looking at her for a while, trying as hard as I could to stare without being creepy, I realized it was Alexis Bledel. The funny part is you would never know they were glamorous TV/movie stars. They were wearing baggy t-shirts and no makeup and they looked "normal".

I made sure to whisper to Nathan on the way home, "Did you see who was in that class?!?!" but he wasn't very impressed... typical New Yorker.

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