Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Morgan turned 3 months old today and celebrated by sitting in a swing for the first time! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Life with 3 has kids has proven to be... interesting. The house is a mess. I'm not sleeping. And somebody's always crying!! I've started saying a little mantra to myself when it all gets too crazy. "It's just a moment". I say it to myself over and over and over. Until the moment passes. 

We've been having a lot of moments lately. Someone's having a temper tantrum? It's just a moment, it'll pass. Someone's crying? It's just a moment, it can't last forever. Whining? Moment. Hitting? Moment. Complaining? Moment. 

Today was more chaotic than usual because it was Walk to School day. Mornings are already crazy. There are breakfasts to make, lunches to pack, teeth to brush.  I try so hard to keep it together but when I've asked somebody to put their shoes on 3 times and nobody's moving, sometimes mama's got to yell!  We live too far to walk but the plan was to drive to school and meet up with friends at the car so we could "walk" to the school entrance together.  We had to leave earlier than usual and we were running late of course. 

We finally got out of the house and I rushed everyone into the car. We parked and then I rushed everybody out of the car. I was getting Morgan into her stroller when I noticed Nathan put something on my seat. I ignored it, there wasn't time now to see what it was. We were late and I was rushing the kids, as usual. 

We walked to school. Met up with everyone and took photos. Nathan walked into class on time, we had a successful dropoff. When we got back to the car, I got Morgan and Ryan into their seats and prepared for dropoff number two at Ryans school. I opened my door and saw the little piece of paper on my seat. I had totally forgotten about it. 

I opened it up and found a little love note from Nathan. My sweet Nathan who always puts a smile on my face. No matter how crazy life gets, he is constantly a source of happiness for me. And today he was a reminder to slow down and notice the little things. The good moments.  The moments that matter. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

What's cooking?

So most days I feel like I've got this 3 kid thing under control. Today's not one of those days. Complete shitshow. Morgan woke up from a post vaccination 3 hour power nap. Screaming like I've never heard a child scream before. Blood curdling. So I go to the cabinet to get her some Tylenol. None. I've got every other medicine in there except children's Tylenol. So I pack all 3 kids into the car and drive to Walgreens. Morgan screaming the whole way of course. Get to the store. All 3 kids out of car. Into store. Realize I don't have my wallet. All 3 back into car. Drive home. Morgan still screaming. Now Ryan is screaming too. Because Morgan wont stop screaming. Get home, get money, get back in car. Back to Walgreens. Get medicine. She's crying so hard it all just spews out of her mouth when i try to give it to her. Looks like blood everywhere because of course I forgot to get the dye free one. She finally cried herself to sleep. I tried getting her to swallow the meds asleep but it just drooled right back out of her mouth. More blood. So now I'm fearing for her to wake up again. In the meantime I had promised the boys we could bake an apple pie so that's happening!