Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music Man

Nathan has always loved music so I took him to a Mommy and Me music class on the UWS this week and he had such a good time. He was one of the older kids in the class, most of the babies were lying on blankets, content to stay in one spot. But Nathan and two other older boys all ditched their mamas and crawled right into the center of the circle. (He did however keep looking back at me and waving, that's my Mama's boy!) And anytime the teacher clapped her hands, he looked back at me again, wildly clapping his own hands as if he were thinking "I know how to do that!!"

The boys were happy to stay in the center of the circle until the teacher pulled out a drum.

And then it was a 3 man race to see who could get there the fastest and hit it the hardest. 

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