Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The 55 minute donut

These winter afternoons are cold. And dark. And long! We used to play at the playground everyday after school and by the time we got home it would be time to start getting dinner ready. But now with below freezing temperatures we are usually home by 3:20 and that leaves us a lot of time to kill before the dinner, bath, bed routine can start.  I love my kids. I promise. But being stuck inside with a 2 year old and a 5 year old every single afternoon when they're tired and hungry gets old fast. 

So today I decided to take the kids out for a treat after school. We drove 15 minutes to Dunkin Donuts. Why 15 minutes? Because that's our closest drive thru! When we first moved here I was slightly devastated to discover that DD drive thrus are few and far between around here. As a proper New Englander I was addicted to Dunkin Donuts and grabbing an afternoon coffee was part of my daily routine. But anyone with little kids knows how annoying it can be to get kids out of their car seats and through a parking lot then into the store then back through the parking lot then back into their car seats. Especially when one of those kids is a 2 1/2 year old who by nature hates his car seat and thinks it's a form of torture. 

So I have to really want a coffee these days to drive that far for one. We rarely go anymore which makes it a very exciting adventure for the kids. So today, that was our after school adventure. We drove the 15 min. Ordered a coffee and a couple donuts. Got to the window. The man handed me the donuts which my kids immediately bit into. And that's the exact moment I remembered my wallet was back at the house. 

So.... We drove 15 min home. I ran inside and grabbed my wallet. Drove 15 min back to the drive thru window. Paid the very patient and understanding Dunkin Donuts employee. Then drove 15 min back home again.

Our adventure started at 3:23 and ended at 4:18. In the end, the kids got their donuts so they were happy. By the time we got home I had just enough time to sit down on the couch and drink my coffee and then it was time to start getting dinner ready so I was happy. We are all snuggling on the couch now while we wait for dinner to be ready. And that's how we filled up our afternoon today. I wonder what we'll do tomorrow. 

(If anyone wants to have an afternoon playdate, call me!!)