Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nathan's New Kicks

We picked out Nathan's first pair of shoes this week and there is only one word suitable to describe them... ADORABLE!!! Up until now we have followed the advice of our pediatrician and only had him wear socks, fleece booties in the winter or just go barefoot. But since he's standing on his own now, and attempting to take steps (which results in him falling down on his diapered bottom multiple times throughout the day) she suggested we could introduce shoes. We measured his feet, looked for a neutral pair that would go with most outfits and then ordered them online. When they arrived I was shocked to see what nice quality they were. I've never owned a pair of shoes that are packaged so nicely. I almost didn't want to take them out of the box.

Nathan seems to like them although there is a part of me that feels sad because they make him look like a boy, not a baby. With his first birthday approaching in a few weeks, I am feeling that way a lot lately.

I think my favorite part about his new shoes is that now we match! Although Nathan's are so shiny and new, I am considering getting a new pair for myself because mine are looking a little dingy in comparison.

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  1. love them! they look like mini converses! -danielle