Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I really, really wanted to make Nathan a homemade costume this year, like any "good mom" would. But this good mom barely has enough time to do laundry and cook dinner so sewing just wasn't happening. Instead I bought a costume (a dog costume, but whatever) and made some minor adjustments. The finished product looked liked this:

Pacifier required due to immediate meltdown upon putting costume on.

My thought was that we could do a fun, family costume. Nathan would be a hot dog of course, since anytime someone asks us why we chose the name Nathan, Will replies with "We really like the hot dogs." And Mama and Dada could be Ketchup and Mustard.... cute, right?? Nathan was not having it.

He wore it to our playdate on Thursday and then I ran to Target that same night and searched frantically through the desolate racks. Luckily I found an adorable replacement....

We took him to the town center Friday afternoon where they had blocked off Main Street and all the local businesses were giving out candy. When it came time to put on the Superman costume he loved it. What he did not love were all the other costumes.... in fact he was terrified of them!

Then Monday, when actual Halloween day finally rolled around and it was time to go to to another party, Nathan's reaction to the Superman costume (that he absolutely loved just 48 hours ago) was tears, kicking, screaming, and outright refusal to put it on. Nothing a few minutes of Sesame Street and a banana couldn't fix though. As soon as he was calm, I casually started putting his costume on as if this were a perfectly ordinary thing to do. He didn't seem to notice. So we managed to have a Happy Halloween and Nathan got to go trick or treating and even hand out some candy at Nana and Papa's. Luckily he doesn't understand the concept of candy and Mama got to eat a few of his pieces too.

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  1. Aww, he's adorable in both his costumes. Hopefully next year he'll enjoy dressing up more!