Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Identity Crisis

Most days, I am Mama and I carry a diaper bag.
On rare occasions, I get to be Karen and carry a purse.

Two nights a week, I am in class and on those nights, people talk to me about things other than Nathan. (As much as I love him, I love other things too!) I get to talk about books, current events, TV shows.... anything!
So I very much look forward to those two nights.

My classes don't begin until 7:00 and they last more than 2 hours so it goes without saying I need a coffee to get through them. So last night, on my way to class, I stopped into the Dunkin Donuts on campus and waited patiently in line. Very much looking forward to my Skim Cappuccino, I reached down into my purse and found... nothing. It was at that moment I realized my wallet wasn't in my purse. It was at home, inside my diaper bag.

Looks like Mama wasn't letting Karen have any caffeine that night.

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