Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Nathan and I have been in Boston most of this week and I am grateful that we got to visit lots of family while we were here - it's important to me that Nathan grows up around his aunts and uncle and cousins. I am also grateful for the following things:

I am grateful that Will got here today - Nathan missed his Daddy and I missed my husband, aka my partner in crime - I think he can handle all diaper changes for the rest of the weekend!

I am grateful for my parents, who babysat Nathan many times all week allowing me to get out and run errands and hang out with friends.

I am grateful that today was the last day of Nathan's antibiotics so his ear infection is over!

I am grateful for the bowling league I belonged to in 7th grade - for instilling in me the skills I busted out last night during family fun night and allowed me to earn the first string win.... with a whopping 106 points.

 I am grateful that I got to see one of my oldest and closest friends this week - we only get to see each other once a  year (if we're lucky), so catching up in person is always fun.

I am grateful that my in-laws were able to come up to MA for Nathan's baptism tomorrow so we can all  celebrate together as one big family.

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