Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nathan's 1st sleepover

When we were little, my brother, sisters and I had small Snoopy suitcases. They were barely bigger than a briefcase but they were the perfect size to pack a favorite blanket, some toys, and maybe a couple books. Today I was imagining Nathan packing his own little suitcase someday because last night he had his very first sleepover.

We have left Nathan only once before to attend a friend's wedding this past summer. We were staying at a hotel in New Jersey after the reception so my parents came to New York and stayed at our apartment and took care of Nathan overnight. He was only four months old and I was terrified to leave him. But my parents played with him, took him on a walk, and changed his diapers and my mom happily woke up all through the night to feed him. We all survived and Will and I realized it was pretty nice having a night off.

Will's parents have been volunteering for a while now to take Nathan for an overnight so this weekend they got their turn. We sent him to their house yesterday afternoon and they didn't bring him back until late this afternoon. If I had to use one word to sum up the experience, it would be.... wonderful.

It was wonderful for Will's parents to get Nathan all to themselves.
It was wonderful for them to get to show their grandson off to all their relatives in China, thanks to a webcam and a Skype account.

It was wonderful for Will and I to wander the city last night, no destination in mind and no 7:30 curfew.
It was wonderful for us to sleep until 9 am this morning.... 9 am!!
It was wonderful to have a lazy Sunday.

And the most wonderful moment of the weekend was running downstairs, greeting little Buggy at the car, and welcoming him home.

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