Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. Independent

With each passing day, Nathan is turning into more of a little boy and less of a baby. One clear way he demonstrates this is through his eating habits. He has little interest in being spoon fed anymore, instead he continuously tries to grab the spoon himself which ends up with food flying everywhere. Today his sweet potatoes landed on my freshly washed jeans.

He also has a bad habit of rubbing his hands all over his face, his clothes, his hair while he's eating. So the whole time he's eating, I'm trying to wipe avocado off his hands before he can rub them into his hair. Or squash off his cheeks before he can rub them into his eye.

So now we try to give him finger food as often as we can. Although that tends to be less messy, it is by no means neat and still ends with a pile of dirty wipes. One advantage of him eating finger food is he seems willing anything we offer him, as long as he can feed himself.  He seems to really love asparagus and green beans!


  1. tell me about it karen! you should try the squeezabe pouches of food- plum baby or trader joe brand. Jaya loves them and a great way to get some food in when she is refusing finger foods!

  2. He is so cute =) You are a lucky mother and hope you and your family all the best