Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frequent Flyer

Nathan is being baptized at my parent's church this weekend and although Will and his parents won't join us until Saturday, Nathan and I decided to head up to Boston a few days early. By the time we added up the cost of a rental car, gas, tolls, snack stops, etc.,  my mom pointed out it might not be much more to fly. She was right.

So Nathan flew on a plane for the second time today. The idea of flying with him alone was scary. Getting him in and out of the cab is not easy, but we got it done. And getting through security was tricky. I had to get my boots off, load my duffel bag onto the conveyor belt, break down the carseat stroller and get that onto the conveyer belt - all while either holding Nathan with one arm or putting him on the ground next to me and praying he didn't crawl away!

But once we got to the gate, it was smooth sailing. I fed him a banana and gave him a bottle to make sure he wouldn't be hungry up in the air. We passed the time waiting to board by watching the planes through the huge glass windows and I do believe Nathan entertained some of his fellow passengers with his constant clapping, screams of delight, and crawling over to and examining their carry on luggage. He sat on my lap during the actual flight and seemed content to play with the seatbelt of the empty seat next to us. Less than an hour later, we were safe and sound in Boston!

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