Monday, February 14, 2011

&hearts Happy Valentine's Day &hearts

Today started off like any other Monday morning. We woke up to a babbling baby. We got dressed. Will left for work. I took Nathan to daycare and then came back home to begin work for the day. But just as I was about to put the key into our lock, I thought I could hear running water coming from inside. I panicked since we had returned home from MA late the night before to find a leak in our bathroom ceiling. I immediately thought the leak had gotten worse and was opening the door, afraid of was I was about to find.

But the sound I heard was not running water after all. It was a much better sound... it was sizzling bacon. Will was in the kitchen making me breakfast! He had not gone to work at all. He had gone to the grocery store and bought eggs, bacon and orange juice. Let me just say, a mushroom, pepper, cheese omelette, crispy bacon, and a vase of roses is not a bad way to start the day!

My day got better that afternoon when I picked Nathan up from daycare and discovered he had made Will and I an adorable handmade Valentine.  His artistic skills at just 10 months old blow me away.

And later that evening, the most precious Valentine's gift of the day, was getting to meet our good friends David and Sarah's beautiful newborn son. He had entered the world the night before so he was less than 24 hours old. We have been so excited for him to make his arrival so we jumped on the train and headed downtown.

There is nothing sweeter than holding a newborn baby. They're so tiny and warm and light as a feather. They make those adorable little newborn noises and stretch their arms as high as they can, barely reaching their faces.  On a day that is meant to celebrate love, I can think of no better expression than that for a newborn baby. Welcome to the world Baby Caiden.

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