Monday, January 17, 2011

Date Night


Having a baby requires you to give up a lot of things - money and sleep immediately come to mind.

But I think the thing I miss most is being able to go out on dates with my husband. It is very rare that Will and I get a night out to go to dinner, or a movie, or even just take a long walk around the city. So when the opportunity presents itself, I try to make the most of it.

Last night we went down to a cozy little restaurant in the West Village. Stone walls, wood beam ceilings, and a fireplace in the corner set the mood for a great night. We drank wine, ate over candlelight, and shared dessert - all without being interrupted by a dirty diaper or a crying baby.

I love Nathan more than anything and the things we have to give up for him are far outnumbered by what we get from him in return. However, sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. So as nice as it is to occasionally leave him, it makes it that much more exciting to come home to him.

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