Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bye Bye Pacifiers

After admitting that we were enabling Nathan's pacifier addiction, we cut way back and as of a couple months ago, we were using pacifiers at nap time and bedtime only. I am happy to report that Nathan now goes down for naps and bedtime WITHOUT a pacifier!

We do still keep a few around... just in case. For example, we had brunch plans with friends this past Sunday and Nathan refused to take a morning nap. So of course we made sure to have a pacifier with us at the restaurant in case he started to melt down - luckily we didn't need it! And next month, when Nathan is baptized, we will have one with us at the ceremony, we all know how good the acoustics are inside churches!

Pacifiers were a good friend to the Chenivans, they got us through many a tough time. But when they started turning into that clingy friend who wants to hang out all the time, we had to kick them to the curb.


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