Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Phobias and Playgrounds

I have a package of pre-paid Mommy and Me classes that I hate to see go to waste so I took Nathan to another music class yesterday. I made sure to sign up for a different teacher and a different location, so he would have no association with last week's trauma. We got there a few minutes early and things were going great. He waved to the other kids, he practiced walking, he ate a snack... then the teacher walked in, pulled a guitar out of its case and Nathan started screaming. Red faced, clawing his way into my lap, barely breathing screaming. So yes.... it has been confirmed that Nathan is in fact terrified of guitars. And we had to leave yet another class early.

Luckily we live just a short walk away from Central Park so we headed to the playground and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather instead... not a bad alternative.

When we got home I googled "fear of guitar" and found out there is no assigned phobia although there is a phobia of flutes.... Aulophobia. At least I know he is not Melophobic (fear of music) because he LOVES music!!! Sing him a song, he'll smile and dance the whole time. Hand him a xylophone, he'll go to town! Pull out a drum and he'll be first in line to bang it. Whatever you do, just don't show him a guitar!!!


  1. That is kind of funny! You should get him a little tiny toy one to ease him in...

  2. Stopping by from SITS. Awww...poor little guy. I'm terrified of birds, so I can relate to the wacky fears. Maybe try him out on the drums instead.