Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Last year, Nathan was just a few weeks old for my first Mother's Day. Still getting to know each other, we spent a quiet day at home, Nathan sleeping most of the day and myself trying to believe that I was a mother! This year, I had another wonderful day which involved sleeping in, a handmade card, a new pair of earrings, a bouquet of tulips (my favorite flower) and brunch with my boys.

We ate at a restaurant I've been wanting to try ever since we moved to the neighborhood. Nathan was a little distracted however by the 10 month old beauty at the next table so I didn't get too much attention from him.

Until the food arrived of course. Will and I have mastered the art of eating with a toddler... push all plates, glasses and silverware to the opposite side of the table so said toddler's tiny arms can't reach them.

After we finished eating we spent some time in the playground and then Will took Nathan for a walk and I got my nails done, a luxury I never treat myself to. That night Will's parents came over and we got to wish another mother a Happy Mother's Day.

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