Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

On this cold and rainy Friday, rather than letting the dreary weather get me down, I am focusing on the good I've got going on....
  • I am grateful that we didn't get any snow here in NYC, it is Spring after all!!
  • I am grateful that it's Friday, looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
  • I am grateful for getting some "Me" time last night and having the chance to sneak into my favorite coffee shop, score a window seat so I could people watch while drinking chai tea (my favorite) and catching up with my sister over the phone.
  • I am even more grateful that as soon as I hung up with my sister Will called and told me to get home asap because Nathan just took 8 steps..... 8!!! He has taken 2 or 3 here or there but I think 8 qualifies as "walking". Of course, as soon as I got home.... not a step was taken. But I am eagerly awaiting his next attempt!
  • I am grateful that today is the first day of April.... it's officially Buggy's birthday month!!

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