Saturday, February 28, 2015

The year that play-doh saved my sanity

It's been a very long winter. I've lost count of how many storms we've had, how many mornings we've spent shoveling, how many days we've been stuck inside. 

It's a long day being home with small kids, it's even longer when you are literally trapped inside your house because the governor is banning people from driving. 

In an effort to not completely rot my kids' brains with endless hours of TV I had to come up with some activities. We did finger painting, coloring, and singalongs. Trains, blocks, and books. We even brought snow into the house and played with that. 

But my old standby, my tried and true fallback, is always Play-doh. I have a love/hate relationship with Play-doh. I love it because my kids will play with it for hours!!! I hate it because it gets ground up into my rug and I usually end up down on the floor with a butter knife trying to dig it out. 

But desperate times call for desperate measures. Play-doh has helped us get through this long, cold, snowy winter. Those 13 hour days, stuck in the house, with two tiny creatures who are just as sick of being inside as I am. So if I end up with a dirty rug, so be it. Play-doh kept the kids busy which kept me sane. And for that I am grateful. 

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