Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lazy jammie mornings

During the week we are always rushing up and out the door to get to work or to school or to play dates so on the weekends we like to have what Nathan refers to as "lazy jammie mornings."

Today the boys were watching a movie while I folded laundry and Will was at the gym. I went into the kitchen for something and when I returned to the living room this is what I found. 

Was I annoyed that the blankets I had just folded were now unfolded? A little. But they just looked so cute I quickly forgot about that.  Nathan and Ryan are the best of friends, never far from one another's side. Of course they have moments when they fight but moments like this are more common. Curled up together under a blanket on the couch. Nathan had tucked all their stuffed animals under too and even stuck a pillow behind Ryan's back. 

This is what lazy jammie mornings are all about. The house is quiet. The coffee is hot. And my two boys are snuggling. 

Happy Sunday!

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