Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mr. Independent

Ryan's favorite thing to say these days is "I do."  

I brush my teeth.
I put my shoes on.
I peel my orange.
This is cute in theory and of course I know it's important for him to become more self sufficient and all that jazz but it's not so cute when you're running late for preschool dropoff. And your almost two year old is insisting on putting on his own jacket and you're just sitting there watching him put his right arm into his left sleeve over and over and over, not understanding what's preventing him from getting any further along in the process. And you want so badly to just do it for him but if you come near him at all he whips the coat at you screaming "I do, I do!!!"  

This is a fun phase. 

Tonight's bath. Taking his shirt off over his head. "I do."

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