Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Book: Music Man

Part of the reason I keep this blog is to serve as a baby book. I know one day, this part of my life will seem so far away and I'll have trouble remembering the little details of when Nathan was a baby.  It gives me comfort knowing I'll be able to look back at this blog when he's older and remember when he was just a sweet little boy.

One thing I'm sure I won't forget is how much Nathan has always loved music. Ever since he was a newborn singing seems to make him happy. Below are some of his favorites.

99% of the time will stop him from crying: Wheels on the bus and Itsy bitsy spider

He can hum himself start to finish: Twinkle, twinkle

He (adorably) does the hand motions for: Five little ducks

I sang to him whenever I was nursing him or gave him a bottle: You are my sunshine (Interesting side note, have you ever heard the entire version of this song? I googled the lyrics today... it's actually very depressing!)

Guaranteed to make him laugh: How much is that doggy in the window?

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