Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cape Cod summers

My childhood is full of Cape Cod memories.  Playing mini golf and riding bumper cars. Building sandcastles and jumping waves. Catching fireflies outside when the sun finally set.  My parents took us down the Cape almost every summer growing up. Sometimes it was a day trip in the car, other times a week long stay in a cottage. Since I'm a summer baby, I celebrated many birthdays on the Cape - jumping on trampolines, riding the merry go round, making my own ice cream sundae. I have so many wonderful memories of family vacations here. A week straight of "family time", playing cards and board games instead of watching TV and staying out way past our normal bedtime.

This week Nathan and I joined my parents in Harwich. In just a few short days, Nathan had some classic Cape Cod experiences. The beach in Chatham. An outdoor concert in Hyannis. The aquarium in Woods Hole. And an ice cream sundae in Dennis. Although I know Nathan won't remember these first few days, I will forever think back to them as Nathan's first Cape Cod summer, and look forward to making many more family memories here throughout the years.

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