Friday, December 3, 2010

Nathan's nicknames

When I was pregnant, we didn't find out the baby's sex. We hated referring to our child as "It" so we came up with a nickname, Flipper. We called the baby Flipper so much that we worried it would be hard not to call him or her that once he or she was here.

But then he was born and Will yelled out "It's a boy" in the delivery room, and we were finally able to refer to him by a real name, Nathan. One of the reasons we loved Nathan so much was it would allow him to go by Nate if he ever wanted. Karen didn't have a shortened version and I had always wished my name had some sort of nickname.

The funny thing is instead of calling him Nate, we came up with another nickname. From the first few weeks after he was born, we somehow started calling him Buggy. Or Bugs for short.

So he's gone from Flipper, to Nathan, to Buggy. And maybe eventually Nate if he feels like it :) So while I grew up always wanting just one nickname, Nathan's already got a few to choose from!

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  1. That's the way it was with all 3 of our boys. Nathaniel is Nathan, Nathan Nation, Nate Dog, and his teacher calls him Nate. Tyler is Tyler Bear, Bear, and Ty Ty. Julian is Ju Ju Beans and JJ.
    Enjoy your Bugs!