Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Origin of Flipper


Anyone who knows us well knows we called our baby Flipper throughout the pregnancy. We weren't going to find out the sex and I hated calling the baby "it" so we needed a nickname.

We found out we were pregnant at 6 weeks. We had already taken a pregnancy test and read a positive sign but I went to my doctor a few days later to have it confirmed. Hearing the doctor say "Yup, you're definitely pregnant" made it so much more real. Seeing a fuzzy white smear on a monitor screen made me cry. I ran to the drugstore and bought Will a "Congratulations, job well done" card and stuck the sonogram picture inside. I wrote "You're officially the daddy of a 6 week old blob!" I met him at his office and called him to come meet me outside. We hugged, we laughed, we had fleeting thoughts of "What the hell have we done" (at least I know I did.)

I was so excited and already imagining what our baby would look like. When I got home I immediately googled "6 weeks pregnant" and burst out laughing. My beautiful unborn child looked like a tadpole with beady eyes and fins! I called Will at work - "It has flippers!" And that was it... from then on our baby would be known as Flipper, Flip for short.

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