Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lazy, hazy Sunday afternoons

Nathan's friend Lea turned 1 year old this month and today we helped her celebrate at Riverside Park. It was a great excuse to venture outside away from
the sacred air conditioning. Walking to the subway was pretty hot but after getting off at 86th and Broadway and making our way over to Riverside, we were welcomed by the breeze from the Hudson and the shade from the trees. It's amazing how your life changes so much after having kids. Once upon a time we used to go out drinking with our friends and enjoy long, late dinners together and now we spend Sunday afternoons discussing topics like nap schedules and reflux and hurrying home by 4:00 so we can play for a few hours before bedtime.

We love being able to share this new adventure with our friends. Our babies are each just a few months apart in age yet so far apart in milestones. I love watching Nathan's friend Charlie sit up by himself at 8 months and Lea starting to walk at a year, and picturing Nathan doing those things someday. It's fun imagining the future when they will basically be the same age and hopefully become good friends. Who knows... maybe one day Nathan and Lea will go out on a date, although we've got tough competition with adorable little Charlie around! Nathan better hurry up and learn some new tricks - like holding his head up by himself if he wants to impress Lea!

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  1. haha love it... don't shortchange Nathan, he's clearly got some game. thanks for coming out today, we loved seeing you guys!