Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My little houdini

We still swaddle Nathan at both bedtime and naptime. We found it helped him sleep when he was a newborn, unable to startle himself awake with his sudden twitches and kicks. And now he just seems to like it. He can be in a full on "I'm ready for bed" freakout and the second you swaddle him, he calms down and goes to sleep without a fight. I admit it freaked me out a little when we first started doing it. We are basically putting him in a straight jacket, with only his tiny little head peeking out from the top of the blanket. The first time my dad saw us do it his reaction was "I don't go for this" and he walked out of the room, unable to watch little Nathan turn into a bedtime burrito. But a bedtime burrito that sleeps is a bedtime burrito I am in favor of.

It has worked for us so we've continued doing it. But our swaddling days are sadly coming to an end. Our 3 month old baby has started teething and nothing brings him more comfort than sucking on his fist. He really goes to town on that thing, and I'm glad he figured out a way to soothe himself. The problem with the swaddle is he can't get to his hand. Recently we have heard him in the early morning grunting, working so hard to free his tiny hand from the blanket prison he sleeps in. The second we unswaddle him his little hand goes immediately to his mouth, one aspect of hand eye coordination he has absolutely mastered.

But the other day when I went to get him up from his nap, my assistance wasn't needed. My little houdini had not only freed his hand but also both his feet! I almost felt guilty unwrapping the blanket. He only had one hand left until he was completely free. I'm sure that would have given him such satisfaction, knowing he had finally beat the system!

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