Monday, September 29, 2014

Good night little boy

Every night before bed, I read to Nathan. Lately he always chooses his big Curious George collection and even though it's full of stories, he picks the same one to read each night. Curious George and the Pizza Party. He loves this story so much I designed his birthday party around it. We curl up in his bed and he snuggles next to me. Usually I read the words and he narrates along, pointing out things he notices in the pictures and sometimes showing his stuffed Curious George all the adventures he's having in the book. "That's me!!" George says over and over while we read.

Lately Nathan has been twirling a piece of my hair in his hands while we read together. A tender moment like that is quite typical for him. He has always been a sweet boy. Never one to push or shove, he has always been more timid and gentle. He is more likely to cry than to yell. He is very emotional and aware of people's feelings. He has always been good at sharing, except with his little brother of course. He's just a really good kid.

Moments like this remind me what a sweet boy he is. I treasure spending a few quiet, peaceful minutes together before he drifts off to sleep. Years from now, I will more than likely call goodnight through a closed door, wondering if I was heard over the music blaring from inside his room.

But for now, I will gladly snuggle up with him at night, reading the same story over and over, night after night. Just me, Nathan, George and a lock of my hair.

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