Thursday, September 4, 2014

18 months

Ryan's stats at 18 months


Best Friend: Radar. Named after Big Bird's teddy bear, this was actually a gift for Nathan, hence the "I'm the Big Brother" shirt. Ryan took one look at that bear and decided it was his and Nathan wisely conceded. This bear causes a lot of confusion since it never leaves Ryan' side. Let me confirm that Ryan is NOT a big brother.

He can say Mama, Dada, Doggy (everything is a doggie), GeGe which is Mandarin for big brother, Pee Pee, Uh Oh, Waffle, Apple, and More. He doesn't talk much, he prefers to scream.

Ryan has always been...feisty. Ever since he was a newborn and I brought him to the pediatrician because he wouldn't stop crying. I anxiously waited for her to tell me he had acid reflux or allergies or anything that could be treated. Instead I was told "Sorry, he's just fussy." Not much has changed since then. He has a temper and he's not afraid to show it. From the second he wakes up he is yelling.

This is not to say he's not a sweet baby. He smiles and laughs and blows kisses and gives snuggles. Just don't get on his bad side. The wrath of Ryan is not something to mess with.

Halloween is coming up and I'm thinking a little devil costume would be perfect :)

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