Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As a parent, it's fun to record a baby's "firsts." First words, first steps and I'm pretty sure the first time they sleep through the night stack up there as the top items on the list. However, there are lots of less memorable but just as special firsts that might go unnoticed or unremembered.

Last week I had to stop into the grocery store to pick a few things up for dinner. I planned on letting Nathan walk and holding Ryan in my arms, since I only needed a couple things. But then we saw a pumpkin display and I decided to get a few of those. And then Nathan saw the apple pile and wanted one of those. And I couldn't resist the bakery section. Unable to hold anything else with my free hand, I saw a cart out of the corner of my eye. Ryan is 7 months today and been starting to sit on his own so I sat him down in the cart and voila.... he stayed upright.

So....first ride in a grocery cart.... recorded and will always be remembered.

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