Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall fun

Tis the season for apple picking, leaf peeping and trick or treating. It's mid October and we're off to a good start. Two weekends ago we went apple picking. Hayride? check. Cider donuts? check. Pumpkin picking? check.

Last week we picked out the kids Halloween costumes. Nathan had a hard time deciding but in the end, he went with a dog.  I was surprised he didn't choose a super hero or a police officer or something a bit "older" since he is becoming more and more interested in those types of things but secretly, I'm glad he went with the cute little puppy. At three and a half, he is becoming less of a baby faced toddler and more of a long and lean boy each day. This might be the last year he chooses something cuddlly so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

I would say 90% of Ryan's clothes are hand me downs from Nathan so although the adorable green dragon costume that Nathan wore for his first Halloween would have fit perfectly, I thought the kid deserved his own, "new" costume. So I bought him a very cute costume which won't make its appearance until the 31st. For all the pre-Halloween activities (because seriously, there are an insane amount of costume/Halloween themed activities the entire month of October) he will be wearing a skeleton costume. Which technically is a hand me down since it was bought for Nathan, but Nathan never actually wore it, so its also technically new?

It actually goes great with Nathan's costume. This past Friday I took Nathan to a pumpkin decorating playdate, the boys went as a Dog and his Bone(s).

We have also been enjoying the beautiful foliage all around us. Will works hard during the week, but I think he might actually work harder on the weekends getting great photos of me and the kids!!

 Finally, it wouldn't be Fall without school pictures!

Fall is my favorite season, if I could wear jeans and a sweater everyday, I would be a happy girl! But unfortunately we only get a few weeks of crisp, cool weather before the harsh Boston winter comes around and apple cider will switch to hot chocolate, sunny days will turn grey and the scariest part, we'll have to turn the heat on! So until then, we are going to make the most of it.

Next weekend? Carving our Jack-o-lanterns.

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