Saturday, January 19, 2013

Full circle

Who doesn't remember getting the Scholastic Book Club catalog in elementary school? As a child, I was a little less excited about the books and maybe a little too excited about the "Hang in there" cat poster you got for free with your book order but looking back, the Scholastic book clubs and bookfairs were a huge part of my childhood, of nearly every child in school I think.

When I was 22. I moved to NYC when I was offered a job as a Production Assistant at Scholastic. For 2 years, I edited and proofread those books that would eventually get delivered to the next generation of children.

And now, Scholastic has found its way back into my life. Last week, when I picked Nathan up from preschool, I was handed an order form. I officially had a "Am I really that old?!?!" moment when that form landed in my hand. How did I go from the kid who ran home and begged my mom to let me order a book, to suddenly being the mom looking through the books, letting Nathan point out the ones he liked, and telling him to pick his favorite.

Will and I try not to go overboard buying Nathan toys but I have no problem buying him books. I would much rather our home be cluttered with too many books, than too many toys. Both as a mom, and a grad student studying Elementary Education, I have learned and seen firsthand how essential books are to a child. Nathan loves being read to and is even starting to read (I use this term loosely) to us now so I look forward to many years of Scholastic book orders, encouraging a love and excitement for books and reading. If my children and just as excited to get a new book as they are to pick out a new toy, I will consider it a good day.

My only complaint.... no more free poster?!?!

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