Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lessons learned

As a mother, I have learned a lot of wonderful lessons from my child. I have learned that a heart can double in size.  I have learned how to find joy in simple things. I have learned to slow down and enjoy the moment.

But I have also learned a few not so wonderful things....

  • What it feels like to be truly sleep deprived. Nothing can ever prepare someone for having a baby who wants to nurse every 2 hours, around the clock, 24 hours a day, for 6 months!!

  • That I will never ever be on time again. (And this is a hard pill for me to swallow since I HATE being late for things) Getting out the door in the morning typically consists of the following routine: 

Get myself dressed.
Change Nathan's diaper and get him dressed.
Try to put his shoes on... beg him to let me put his shoes on... let him try to put them on himself then plop him down into my lap and put them on as fast as I can before he protests.
Feed Nathan breakfast.
Try to eat a few bites myself.
Change Nathan's diaper again.
Brush my teeth.
Brush Nathan's teeth.
Glance in the mirror and quickly attempt to do something with my hair and put on a little makeup so I don't look so exhausted.
Make sure the diaper back is packed with diapers and wipes.
Pack a snack and sippy cup for Nathan
Look for keys that Nathan was playing with 5 minutes ago.
Make sure I have a sweatshirt for Nathan in case it's cold out.
Pry my cell phone out of his hands and hope he didn't prank call anyone.
Gather purse, diaper bag, stroller, and Nathan and head for the door.
Turn back because Nathan needs his diaper changed again!

  • I like things to be clean and organized, and in their place. I HATE CLUTTER. Since having a child I have unfortunately learned that more often than not, each and every day, my home will look like a tornado just blew through.

    • I have learned that if a child can reach it, a child can break it. All of our pretty little chachkies (souvenirs from Africa, framed photos, vases, etc) have either been moved to the highest shelf of the bookcases or packed away.
    • That every single electronic device (cell phone, remote control, computer, etc) will become a toy. And that we will hide these things from our children and then not be able to remember where we hid them.
    • I have learned that children's shoes, which are worn for 2-3 months on average before they are outgrown are ridiculously expensive.....but they are SO CUTE!!!!

    The biggest lesson Nathan has taught me though is that even if he has been cranky all day or screaming just for fun or refusing to eat the grapes I just cut in half for him or spitting out the dinner I just cooked for him.... he can melt my heart into a pile of mush with as little as a laugh or smile and all is immediately forgiven. And even though my house is messy and I have bags under my eyes and I never have any time to myself, I wouldn't give up this crazy chaos for a million billion dollars!!!

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