Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sticky Fingers

For some reason, I am so worried that this move will be traumatizing for Nathan. I keep saying I want to set up his room in the new apartment to look exactly like his room here, so he won't be confused. Will laughs at this, reminding me that I moved when I was a little older than him and do not appear to show any signs of repressed trauma as a result.

But one aspect of the move I do think would upset him is packing up all his toys so we've been avoiding his things until this weekend when he will head up to his grandparents house, leaving Will and I here to do all the last minute packing and cleaning. But last night I decided I could pack up some toys, leaving a few essentials out to get him through to Friday. However, when I started going through his toy bins, I realized he has a lot more than toys in there.

Ever since Nathan became mobile, Will and I have noticed random household objects disappearing. The hamper used to be the first spot we checked but we'll have to add the toy bin since I pulled out the following items last night:

A magazine
A binder clip
A dirty sock (gross)
Wrapping paper??
Two jewelry pouches
A dish towel
An I Pod speaker
A thank you card
And a teething ring

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