Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It does a body good, but only if you drink it

When Nathan turned one our pediatrician told us we could start offering him whole milk. Excited for every new milestone in his life, we filled up his sippy cup, sat back and proudly watched, ready to mentally record "the first time he drank real milk".

Instead, we witnessed "the first time he took a sip, scrunched up his nose and spit it out". It had been a struggle getting him to drink formula after I stopped breastfeeding, so we should have known it would be a struggle to get him to drink milk.

We tried everything. We gave it to him in a cup. In a bottle. We gave it to him cold, room temperature and warm. We mixed it with fruit. We gave it to him with cereal. Nothing worked, he spit it out every time.

So we started mixing just one ounce of milk into a full bottle of formula. He didn't seem to notice. Then a couple days later we added more milk and less formula. No problem. Then we did 50/50 and held our breath, sure that he would catch on.... no reaction. Last night we finally experienced that milestone we were waiting for, Nathan drank a full bottle of milk with no hesitation!!

(Of course we had to warm it and it had to be in a bottle but hey, we're taking baby steps.)

1 comment:

  1. Mmmmm, stubborn about who is in charge of food choices -- Reminds me of someone.....

    At least he's eating for you so you don't turn into insane parents who let their baby crawl across the table and take food from other people's plates because the doctors have scared you witless.

    Nothing wrong with a little trickery when the end justifies the means --

    It's the Golden Rule of responsible parenting.

    -- Nana-Ma