Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm glad that's over!

Nathan got his first cold this past week. He woke up Monday morning and we noticed his nose was running. Then he slowly developed a cough and some congestion by the end of the day.

Luckily he didn’t have a fever and since his feeling sick coincided with 2 days of freezing cold rain, we kept him home from daycare and let him camp out in the apartment. We figured our best bet was for him to sleep as much as possible so we pulled the swing out of retirement and let him nap there instead of in his crib. It brought back memories of the power naps he used to take - 2, 3 sometimes 4 hours! We eventually put a stop to napping in the swing for fear that when he eventually outgrew it, he wouldn’t adjust to napping in the crib. But this seemed like a special occasion – a medicinal necessity!

Sure enough, he napped for almost 3 hours Tuesday morning and another 2 in the afternoon. We did the same thing Wednesday and by Thursday, he seemed to feel better. The weather also did a 360 so I was able to take him for a long walk Thursday evening to get some fresh air. Tonight, his cough is gone and his nose is just a little stuffy.

I tried not to overreact at his first cold since I knew it would eventually make its appearance, but it is definitely hard to watch your baby feel sick and not be able to do anything about it. (I am also trying to ignore the fact that it came just days after we left him overnight for the first time... and not see this as his way of begging us never to leave him again!!!)

It came.
It was not fun.
But we conquered.

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