Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Appreciating the simple things in life

Nothing makes Nathan laugh more than when Will raises him up in the air, high above his head. Or blowing a raspberry on his bare belly. I know I can always snap him out of a crying fit just by singing I'm a Little Teapot. And when we walk over to his crib in the morning and he sees us for the first time, he always greets us with a big, gummy smile, even on Monday mornings.

Babies truly enjoy the simple things in life and one of the best gifts they offer us is being able to see the world through their eyes. They don't care how much money we have. Or what neighborhood we live in. Or how fancy their toys are.

Case in point - our apartment is filled with more toys than I'd like to admit, yet Nathan's favorite "toys" these days are:

1. Crinkly tissue paper
2. His toes

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