Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Omg. What a morning!!! So we got to school early today so I brought Morgan and Ryan to the big family bathroom so I could nurse the baby. Ryan decides he has to poop. So he's doing his business and all of the sudden the automatic toilet flushes and scares the crap out of him. Literally!! He jumped off the toilet so fast with a giant poop hanging out of his butt!!! I've got Morgan attached to my boob so I jump up and grab him so he doesn't fall. The poop falls down and lands on the floor which I now have to pick up and get back into the toilet. And then convince him to go back on and finish his business. Lovely. We finally get all cleaned up and situated and head to his classroom and over the loudspeaker comes on an announcement that there's an emergency in the infant room. So scary. People are running in from everywhere. People from the pool in bathing suits, people all sweaty from the gym. Basically anyone wth medical experience I guess. So chaotic and scary. Everyone's ok. Turns out it wasn't a kid, one of the teachers was having trouble breathing but she's fine. Ryan in his class. Morgan in the playroom. I'm in the gym. Everyone ok. It's 9:08 and I'm ready for a drink!!!

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