Monday, June 8, 2015

One on one

I'm been trying to make more of an effort to have one on one time with Nathan. Ever since Ryan was born, it's rare for just the two of us to hang out. And when Ryan is around he gets more of the attention since Nathan is so much more independent and Ryan needs so much more help with everything.

Today I had to take my car to the mechanic and it was the perfect opportunity to bring Nathan along. He is obsessed with cars and loved watching the mechanics work. 

On our way home I made a detour and drove into town. I told Nathan we had to run a quick errand. Always an easygoing kid, Nathan didn't seem to mind. As we walked down Main St, he happily chattered away pointng out fire trucks and minivans, convertibles and SUVs. The kid is obsessed with vehicles.

When we reached our destination, Nathan looked up at me. His smile was so wide, his dimples so deep. We walked into D'Amicis bakery and were welcomed by case after case full of desserts. I told him he could pick whatever he wanted for our Mommy/Nathan date. 

He chose a rainbow frosted cupcake. I chose a cannoli. One chocolate milk and a cappuccino later and we settled in at a table by the window. For the next 30 minutes we sat and ate and talked.  Nathan loves his little brother and never complains about having him around all the time but I think it's nice for him to have some time where all the attention is on him. No interruptions. No distractions. 

And I like having a special date with my perfect gentleman every so often.

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