Monday, May 18, 2015

Where in the world

is Nathan Chen sleeping????

Nathan is going through a new phase. Sometime between his bedtime and ours, he wanders out of his room. Most nights we hear him tiptoe out of his room shortly after we tuck him in. He slowly creeps downstairs, step by step, peeking his head around the corner until we make eye contact from the living room. 

He asks for a drink of water. He tells us he's hot. Sometimes he gets very creative like the other night when he asked "Mommy, did you call my name? I thought I heard someone say Nathan."

I think it's sweet that he wants to be near us and we know the time will come when we miss this cute phase. So we get him a drink, or go pull the blanket off his bed, or convince him we didn't call his name.

But after we give him another kiss goodnight and tuck him into bed for the second time of the night, we tell him its late and we don't want to hear him come out of his room again. 

Does he listen? Well on one hand, we don't hear him. But on the other hand, we have come up to bed later that night to discover that he did in fact leave his room again. Instead of being in his bed, we have been finding him sleeping in some..... unusual places. 

I'm not sure how long his phase will last but I'm choosing to see the humor in the situation. It adds a little excitement to an otherwise typical night at home. Where oh where will we find Nathan sleeping tonight?

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