Friday, April 12, 2013

Nathan turns 3

For Nathan's first birthday, I planned a safari theme, to match the theme I had used for his nursery decor. When he turned 2, I tried to think of what his favorite things were. Planes and ceiling fans. (Don't even get me started on helicopters, his 2 favorite things combined!!) So we had an airplane party.

But this year he was old enough to understand the concept of his birthday and what it meant to have a party so I let him choose his theme. When I asked Nathan what kind of party he wanted this year, he told me "A Frog party".

A frog party is what he wanted so a frog party is what he got.

And just to prove how much this kids loves frogs, here is in a frog costume holding a frog umbrella.
Man oh man, I love that kid!!!

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