Saturday, March 16, 2013

As we walked from the car into preschool this morning, I was holding Ryan in one arm and Nathan's lunchbox in the other while Nathan trailed a few feet behind me. I heard him call out and ask me to wait a minute so I turned around to see what the holdup was. He was standing there, his backpack zipped open, pulling out his hat and mittens and putting them on because he was cold.

Sometimes it feels like Nathan has been a part of my life forever and others it feels like just a second ago that he entered the world. This morning caught me off guard. How did my tiny little firstborn baby get so big that he can put on his own hat and mittens? What happened to the days where I had to struggle to get his tiny little fingers inside his mittens and then constantly pull those mittened hands away so he would stop trying to tug his hat off his tiny head.

It's strange enough at time to realize I'm a mother of two but the fact that Nathan is becoming a "kid" and not a baby or a toddler anymore is exciting yet terrifying! Slow down kiddo, don't grow up too fast.

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