Friday, November 9, 2012

My morning routine - 0 to 60

When Nathan wakes up in the morning, he is on. From the second his eyes open, his day has officially begun and I'd better keep up or get out of his way.

In those first 20 minutes when I am half asleep/half awake, I can change a diaper, find a missing Pooh Bear, brush a set of teeth that more often than not do NOT want to be brushed, whip up breakfast and put on a Barney episode that will hold his attention long enough so I can brush my own teeth, pour myself a bowl of cereal (which he will most likely eat half of even though his breakfast looks just as tasty) and if I'm lucky, pop a coffee pod into the Keurig.

A friend of mine, who does not have children, recently spent the night at our place and when Nathan came charging out into the living room he started up a full conversation with her. Her slow, hesitant response, eyes half open, was "Wow, you are a morning person!"

There are days when I miss taking a long hot shower, drinking a cup of coffee, half listening to what Matt and Al are talking about on The Today Show while I dry my hair, choose my outfit and put on my makeup while I get ready for "work." But then there are other days when Nathan does something adorable or says something hilarious over a bowl of cheerios and I remember that none of my morning meetings at work were ever this much fun.

People say children keep us young but I don't know about that.
When I compare the amount of energy I have to the amount he has... I'm feeling pretty old!

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  1. Karen I couldn't agree with you more! Elizabeth is on from the moment she opens her eyes too. And somehow my cereal always looks better to her than her own breakfast. I tend to enjoy my coffee when she goes down for her nap or I save Barney for those days when she doesn't nap!! Its so funny how you miss the little things about peeing with the door closed!