Sunday, April 22, 2012

New York, NY

There are so many things we miss about NYC.
- being able to get anything and everything within a 2 block radius of our apartment.
- the endless restaurant options.
- the diversity of city living.
- Central Park!

But by far, it is our friends that we miss the most.
We are heading to NYC soon and we've got a pretty packed schedule

Thursday afternoon - Stop in CT to see college friend and celebrate her pregnancy!
Friday night - drinks with old co-workers, which will inevitably include reminiscing over entry-level jobs that nearly crushed our souls :)
Saturday afternoon - lunch with old roommates/neighbors/ to celebrate 1 engagement + 1 pregnancy!!
Saturday night - visit one of the very best friends I made in NYC to meet her new baby!!!
Sunday afternoon - brunch with friends to celebrate babies #2!! (Theirs, not ours!)
Sunday night - dinner with Will's family

Looking forward to a very fun filled weekend full of family and friends!!

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