Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Say what?

Since this blog serves as Nathan's official baby book, I wanted to make sure I recorded another exciting moment that I'm afraid I'll forget if I don't put it in writing.

It feels like Nathan's been talking forever... his first words "Baba" and "Dada" came at right around 7 months. At first it was one word. Then he could strong two together. And now I can't even count how many words he can say. It seems like he just has to hear a word once and he can repeat it, over and over. Another recent milestone is that he's been using his possessive tense: "Nathan's shoes", "Daddy's coat", "Mommy's coffee".

But the other day he strung together 4 words.
4 words that had a purpose.
4 words that expressed exactly what he wanted.

"Mama, more cheese please."

He didn't point in the general direction of the kitchen and whine until I magically figured out what he wanted.
He didn't stand in front of the fridge and let me point to everything until I got to the one thing he wanted.
He didn't say "Eat" over and over and then reject every single thing I offered him.

He wanted cheese and he asked me for it.
Big day for us...big day.

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